The Puppy Pals Adventures on the Ranch

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Bennie and Piper, two peas in a pod Together they walk, and together they trod. Bennie is steady, Piper is bright. Together they shine, a beautiful sight.

They roam through the fields, bask in the sun Their laughter and joy, never done. Bennie is red, Piper is brown, Together they conquer, never a frown.

They share all their secrets, and never tell a lie Bennie and Piper, their friendship will never die. With each passing day, their bond only grows. Together they'll face life's highs and lows.

So, here's to Bennie and Piper, best of friends May your journey together never come to an end Through thick and thin, may you always stay, together you'll conquer, come what may.

Read on to follow the adventures of Piper and Bennie On the ranch. 

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